DR. Susham Biswas

Ph. D. (IIT Kanpur)

Assistant Professor, Geoinformatics

Email: sushamster@gmail.com, susham@rgipt.ac.in


Ph.D., Geoinformatics ( Civil Engineering),Submitted 2011 Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur: CPI: 8.69/10
M.Tech., Environmental Engineering and Management, 2002 Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur br B.Tech., Fibre Technology, 2000 University of Calcutta

Areas of Interest:

  1. Use of Remote Sensing, LiDAR/ Laser Scanning techniques for developing acoustic and environmental applications.
  2. Application of remote sensing techniques for supply and exploration of energy (Oil, gas and other).


  • Author of 9 papers at International/National journal, conference and scientific magazines in remote sensing and environmental application areas.
  • Zero-Valent Iron-Assisted Autotrophic Denitrification by Biswas, S., and Bose, P., Journal of Environmental Engineering, ASCE, 131, 8 (2005) 1212-1220.
  • Development of High Resolution 3D Sound Propagation Model Using LIDAR Data and Air Photo by Biswas, S., and Lohani B., The XXI Congress, The International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, 3-11 July 2008 Beijing, China. Proceedings of Commission VII, p.1735
  • Potential of LiDAR data and aerial photographs in 3D sound propagation modeling by Biswas S., and Lohani B., Geospatial World Forum, Hyderabad, 2011
  • LiDAR and Sound Modeling by Biswas, S., and Lohani, B., GIM International, September 2007, Volume 21(9).
  • Traffic Noise Mapping by S. Aditya, Biswas S. and Yadav, GIM International, June 2010, Volume 24(6).
  • Limulator2.0: A simulator for LiDAR Education,Lohani, B., Mishra, R. K., Biswas, S.,, 2008, CATCON5, The XXI Congress. The International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, 3-11 July 2008 Beijing, China.
  • High Resolution 3D Sound Modeling with LiDAR by Biswas, S., and Lohani, B.,18-20 December, 2007,ISRS Conference, Kolkata, India
  • Voices of Future: Firms to take up a PhD student for meaningful research are highly rare by Ghosh, S., and Biswas, S., Coordinates, January,2009.
  • Outdoor Sound Modeling using LiDAR Data and Aerial Photograph by Biswas S. and Lohani B., accepted at International LiDAR Mapping Forum, New Orlean, held on February 7-9, 2011.
  • LiDAR and Sound Modeling, Lohani, B., and Biswas, S., 19 February,2009, Vienna, Terrasolid European Users Event 2009.Presented by Lohani, B.
  • Laboratory Manual for International School on LiDAR Technology by Bapna R., Biswas S., Ghosh S., Aditya Y.S., 31st March-4th April, 2008, Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur
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Filed an Indian patent for Soundscpe generation using remote sensing technique
Inventors: Susham Biswas and Bharat Lohani, Applicant: IIT Kanpur
(Another patent is under review at IIT Kanpur for possible filing)

Working Experience:

Worked at R & D IIT Kanpur as Sr. Research Fellow (November 2002- December 2002) Treatment on distillery waste
Worked at CES(I) Pvt. Ltd. for 2 & ½ years as Assistant Engineer (January 2003- June 2005)
Areas of work: Environmental applications using remote sensing tools
Worked at Opportunity College- an evening college (under DRPG, IIT Kanpur) as Teacher and Coordinator (December 2006 to June 2011)
Areas of work: Teaching basic compute, arithmetic and english to underprivileged graduates
Working at Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Petroleum Technology as Faculty (Sr. Research Associate) (June 2011 to date)

Teaching Experience:

Worked as teaching assistant to number of courses at IIT Kanpur
Planned, designed and prepared laboratory manual/ tutorial for four international/ national workshops or seminars
Taught basic compute, arithmetic and english to underprivileged graduates

Project Proposal:

Development of Noise Barrier suitable for Indian conditions with additional utilities
Proposal is under review under TePP, DSIR (Dept. of Scientific & Industrial Research)
Technique for soundscaping over internet based map/image server
Proposal is shortlisted by DaD India (Digital Asset Deployment, India)

Award and Recognition:

  • Won Silver Medal award at XXI ISPRS Congress (The International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing) at Beijing 2008, for LiDAR data simulator (Limulator 2)
  • Received GATE Scholarship for Engineering Graduates (AIR 46)
  • Received National Scholarship at higher secondary level (Rank 197 in WBCHSE)
  • Got selected for University of Malaya academic exchange program at Kuala Lumpur-Malaysia in 2010


Development of Software
Noise Modeling Software is prepared using MATLAB as programming language

Guest Lecture
On Noise Propagation Modeling at IIT Kanpur in 2007 (as part of course on Air Pollution, taught by Dr . Mukesh Sharma at IIT Kanpur )

On Outdoor Sound Propagation at IET Lucknow, UP India in 2008 and 2009

Extracurricular activity:

Working for underprivileged group