Dr. Gopal Sharan Parashari

Visiting Faculty
Department of Basic Sciences and Humanities & Department of Management Studies
Email: gsparashari@rgipt.ac.in
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PhD, Department of Economic Science, IIT Kanpur.
Thesis: Studies in Economics of Conflict: An evolutionary Perspective.
Advisor: Dr. Vimal Kumar.
M.Sc. (5 yr. Integrated), IIT Kanpur, India.

Journal Publications

  1. Parashari, G. S., Kumar, V. “Evolutionary Determinants of Settlement and Role of Bargaining Norms in Conflict." (Manuscript submitted)
  2. Goswami, A., Parashari, G. S., Gupta, R. “Evolutionary Stable Reputation
    Management System in P2P Networks.” IEEE COMMUNICATIONS LETTERS, 22(2), 268-271, 2018.
  3. Goswami, A., Gupta, R., Parashari, G. S. “Reputation-Based Resource Allocation
    in P2P Systems: A Game Theoretic Perspective.” IEEE COMMUNICATIONS LETTERS, 21(6), 1273., 2017.

Working Papers

  • “Is Fighting almost Inevitable?: A Study from Evolutionary Perspective” (with Vimal Kumar)
  • “ESS in Conflict: Spitefulness and survival” (with Vimal Kumar)
  • “Evolution of Preferences in Conflict: An Indirect Evolutionary Approach” (with Vimal Kumar)
  • “Evolutionary Analysis of Role of Settlement Norms in Conflict” (with Vimal Kumar)
  • “Group Sanctions and Intergroup Conflict” (with Vimal Kumar)

Conference Presentations

  • “Group Sanctions and Intergroup Conflict”, KEA-APEA 2017 Conference, Seoul, South Korea during July, 14-15, 2017