Visiting Professor, Petroleum Engineering
(Visiting Professor, Chemical Engineering)
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B. Tech. Mech. Engg.)(IIT BHU)


30+ years in oil well drilling: DRILLER/SHIFT-IN-CHARGE on Jack up/floater at Bombay High with ONGC Ltd. Drilled high pressure wells. Successfully controlled well kicks and mud-loss problems.

Year Job Descriptions
1990-1995 Tool Pusher on land Rigs in the Western Region of INDIA.
Drilled high pressure gas wells:

1. Tool Pusher in Bombay High jack up Rigs

2. Controlled Wells With Total Mud Loss And Well Kicks

Work over operations:

Drilled Short Radius Horizontal Drain Holes, For Enhanced Recovery.

Reperforation For Water Shut Off And Gas Coning.

Coil Tubing And Nitrogen Jobs.

Rerunning Completion With Gas Lift

Dual Completion

Acid Treatment

Independently Executed Well- Killing Operations:

Drilling Supervisor On Land With 2000 H. P. Rigs In Assam, India.

Drilled Wells Up To The Depth Of 4800 Meters.

Drilled Wells With Drift Upto1600 Meters.

Drilled High Pressure, High Temperature Wells.

Drilled Wells With High Degree Of Caving’s And Differential Sticking Problems

Actively Supervised Fishing Operations:

Drilling Supervisor Of Rig E-1400-7 Of ONGC With Top Drive.

Drilled Highly Deviated Wells Extended Reach Wells With Drift Up To 1620 Meters And Angle Of 70 Degree.

Drilled Horizontal Wells With Drain Holes

Completely Supervised Drilling Operations From Arranging Materials To Problem Solving
2007-2009 Drilling Supervisor Rig E-760-8 Of ONGC Western Region.

Drilled Side Tracked Wells Using Hydraulic Whip Stock.

Drilled Wells With Formations With Very Sticking Tendency.

Complete Supervision Of Rig, Reporting Base Office.

Arrangement Of Materials And Problem Solving.

Drilled Ultra Deep Wells Of Depth 15000 Ft.

With 3000 H.P. Rigs, As Drilling Supervisor In Kuwait Oil Company.

Successfully Handled Well Killing Operations With Mud Loss Conditions.

2010-2011 Worked In Abu Dhabi Drilling Co, Abu Dhabi Drilled Horizontal Well, Dual Completion
2011-2012 Worked In Petroleum Development Of Oman Drilling Horizontal Wells As Drilling Supervisor (Company Man) at Times Supervised Work Over Rigs
2012-2014 Rig Manager For John Energy Ltd, A Drilling Contractor To the Cairn Energy In Rajasthan, India. Job Involved Representing The Company To Cairn, Which Has Stringent Safety Standards And Demanding Deadlines. Supervised One Drilling And Two Work Over Rigs
2014-15th March,2016 Worked with Maersk Training India as accredited IWCF Level 3 & 4 and IADC well cap supervisory Instructor for Combined surface and Subsea stack.

*Notes: -

  • I Had A Short Stint In Nigeria With Sterling Oil Company As Drilling Supervisor (Head Office In Lagos)
  • Received I S.O 9000, I. S.O 14000 And OHSAS 1999
  • Certifications for the Rigs. Prepared QHSE Policy And
  • Implemented On The Rigs. Had Been A QHSE Internal Auditor Also.


  • Worked On Top Drive System
  • Drilled Horizontal, Extended Reach Wells With Drift Up To 1680 Meters
  • Drilled Re-Entry Wells Using Hydraulic Whip-Stock
  • Drilled Deep Wells Up To Depth Of 4800 Meters In Assam Project
  • Drilled With MWD System
  • Worked As Internal Auditor Of H S E.


  • Drilling Superintendent. /Tool Pusher Course at IDT ONGC
  • IWCF Level 3 & 4 Stack combined ,
  • IADC supervisory level Course
  • Basic Training on Directional Drilling
  • Training On Horizontal & High Drift Wells
  • Internal Auditor Training In HSE
  • Safety Leadership Training at ADCO, Abu Dhabi.
  • Full Set of Safety Trainings by PDO, Oman

Full Set of Safety Trainings by PDO, Oman




 Supervised Construction Of ONGC Drill-Ship ‘Sagar Bhushan’ At Hindustan Shipyard, India.


Tested Installation Of Drilling Equipment’s on ONGC Drill-Ship At Hitachi Zozen Shipyard, Osaka, Japan.


Supervision Of Construction Of ONGC Jack-Up Rig ‘Sagar Kiran’ At Mazagaon Dockyard, Mangalore, And India.


Supervised Rig Refurbishment Of ONGC Land Rigs By Bharat Heavy Electricals Licensed By Oil Well.