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AI, ML, and Signal Processing

The Signal Processing Research Group of the Department focuses on developing novel solutions and algorithms for current and relevant research areas such as Digital Health, Location-based Services, Speech, Audio processing, Smart Agriculture, Smart Energy, and Smart City applications. The advancement in Internet of Things (IoT) applications motivates the Department to work on the intersection of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Signal Processing, and Wireless Communication Services.

Major challenges in this field include developing scalable technologies for -

  • Signal Processing and Optimization Techniques for 5G and beyond Networks
  • Unlabeled Bio-medical Dataset Analysis
  • Device Heterogeneity Issues
  • Fading
  • Non-stationary Time-series Analysis
  • Low-latency Systems
  • Multi-antenna Systems
  • Lower Complexity Machine Learning Algorithms for Big Data

Typical IoT Environment for Location Computing without GPS

Bio-Medical Cyber-Physical System (CPS)


The Department is actively working to solve these challenging problems.