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Microelectronics-IC Design and Technology

Microelectronics Research Group at the Department of Electronics Engineering deals with nano-systems, semiconductor process and device technology and fabrication, and integrated circuits (IC) and systems design with AI/ML. The core area of research under the umbrella of Microelectronics is as follows:

Design of a very high-speed A/D converter for use in handheld communication devices

Cell Design, Verification, Chip Assembly for Novel
Devices and Circuits

System-on-Chip (SoC) Design

New device and integrated circuit structures, including advanced component development and process modeling

  • Simulation at Atomistic level of Devices
  • Machine Learning Applications in Device research
  • Modeling of GaAs/GaN/InP based High-Speed MESFET Devices
  • Low Power VLSI Design
  • FinFET based Analog Design
  • Modeling of optically controlled MESFET
  • Design of Phototransistors for UV/Vis/NIR Application

Fabrication of Novel Sensors

New device structures for Flexible Electronics and Large Area Applications

New approaches to device packaging and interconnects, including optical interconnects