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Statistical Information Theory and Reliability Theory

Objectives Applications
  • To maximize the number of messages that can be sent over a noiseless channel in a given time. Also, development of new codeword lengths and their correspondence with entropy measures.
  • Study of Information-theoretic measures in univariate and bivariate setup.
  • Investigation of fractional order entropy measures including dispersion (variance) of information for one-sided and two-sided truncated random variables.

Fixed Time Random Time
  • To study the fundamental concepts of reliability: hazard rate, reversed hazard rate, residual life & inactivity time.
  • To compare the lifetimes of two different systems for identification of the better one including the ageing affect.
  • Examining different stochastic properties of order statistics and record values.
  • To explore different stochastic orders & ageing notions for comparison systems’ RLRT (ITRT).
  • Stochastic comparisons based on RLRT/ITRT for identification of robust system and the study of their associated classes of life distributions.