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B Tech Placement Policy 2019-20

  • Students who wish to avail of the services of the Institute's Placement Cell need to register with the Placement cell.
  • All registered students have to accept the Placement Policy of the Institute before appearing for the Campus Placement process.
  • Placement service is only for the current final year batch. If the company specifically asks for a particular batch, then only the students of that batch will be contacted.
  • Like any service, Placement Service is also a privilege extended to the students, thus should not be interpreted as a right.
  • *Placement status of all eligible students may be shared with the companies.
  • Once a student is selected by a company offering CTC less than Rs. 4.5 LPA, he/she can appear for a company offering more than Rs. 4.5 LPA.
  • A student can choose to skip only one company during the Campus Recruitment Process.
  • ***Dream company status may be granted to PSUs or companies offering CTC above Rs. 15 lacks/annum. A student placed above minimum CTC bracket – may be allowed to appear for the dream companies. Once a student gets placement in a dream company, he/she will not be allowed to appear for any other dream company.
  • *Students have to accept the job offer in writing within 24 hours of the announcement of results or before the selection process of the next company whichever is earlier.
  • *If a student already placed also selected in the 2nd Company, he/she has to accept only one offer and release the other within 24 hours of the second selection. The same decision should be communicated to the Placement Cell in writing. Institute's Placement Cell may inform both the companies about the student’s decision.
  • *Acceptance of 'Job Offer' by a student in writing means that he/she has to join the concerned company after the completion of the course. Due to any unavoidable reason, if a selected student fails to join, the same must be informed to Placement Cell. Else, the concerned student may inform the company with timely written intimation to the Placement Cell.
  • **Incomplete Grade (I) : Students with one "Incomplete course grade" may be allowed for the placement process. The student with more than one “Incomplete grade” will not be allowed.
  • **Backlog Cases - the student with backlogs up to maximum in two courses may be allowed to participate in the placement drive. More than two backlogs will not be allowed. However, participating companies may have their own policy on the participation of students having backlogs.
  • **Discipline Cases : Students involved in disciplinary cases will not be considered for the placement process. Registration of such student(s) will be withheld till the case is unresolved and exonerated by the competent authorities. Student(s) will have to give very transparent and complete information regarding any involvement in “disciplinary case”. Concealing of such information will lead to cancellation of candidature for the placement process at any stage.

    The student involved in Police case/FIR may be allowed but the complete information in this regard will be provided to the potential recruiter(s).
  • **Cases of Non-registered Students : Students who have not registered or could not register due to some of the reasons that of Medical ground or he/she was busy with some kind of entrepreneurial activities will be considered and allowed even at later stage also.
  • ****Result must be signed by all the successful candidates.

Amendment as suggested by Placement Committee members during Placement Committee Meeting held on 16th August 2018.

** Amendment as resolved vide Training and Placement committee meeting held on 22nd August 2019.

*** Amended as resolved vide Training and Placement committee meeting held on 3rd December 2019.

**** Amended as resolved vide Training and Placement committee meeting held on 28th November 2019.

Institute reserves the right to amend the Policy if the need arises.