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Chemical Engineering and Engineering Sciences


Conventionally, the Chemical Engineering is the stream of engineering that aims to engineer chemical transformation of raw materials to useful products in economic and self-sustainable manner. With borders between various disciplines gradually becoming less and less discernible in the current-day scenario, chemical engineering has also become highly interdisciplinary in nature. Various engineering sciences have, therefore, become indispensable tools for a practicing chemical engineer. With this view, the faculties of chemical engineering and engineering sciences have been integrated together to constitute a single department.

The Department of Chemical Engineering and Engineering Sciences is one of the unique departments in the country in that it manages activities, facilities, and curricula related to Chemical Engineering as well as Engineering Sciences such as Materials Science, Geo-informatics  and Electrical Engineering. Being an institution with the domain area of oil, gas and energy, our curricula are markedly designed with a thrust on these particular areas. The research in the Department is centered on areas such as petroleum refining, catalysis, CO2 capture, fuel cells, crystallization, microfluidics, process intensification, adsorption, membrane science, nanomaterials, materials science, power electronics, and data analytics. The Department strongly encourages its faculty members and students to interface with the industry and seeks industrial participation and partnership in various activities.

The Department also organizes various student events, training programs and lecture series periodically, such as Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL) Training Programs, Departmental Lecture Series, CheMinar Series. In addition lecture series related to American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) Student Chapter  and Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers (IIChE) Student Chapter are also being organized.