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Academic Notifications

S.No. Subject View
Notification-Course Registration Process for Odd Semester, 2023-24 will closed by Today View
Notification-Amended PG Clause 10.1 View
DPGC and DUGC CSE Department 2023-24 View
Institute Core Course Monitoring Committee-Revised View
Notification-Final Year Students having Backlog Courses_Revised View
Notification-Long Term & Short Term Project and Summer Training-3rd Year Students View
Notification-Academic Concerns documents Submitted through Department View
Notification-Summer Term 2023 for B Tech Final Year Students View
Notification-Guidelines for Examination of Institute Sciences-Engineering Courses View
Notification-Lateral Entry of Freshly Graduating Diploma Student of AEIS View
Notification-International Students Affairs View
Regularly Attendance for upto six week of Project Period and Project Time Table, List of Project Topics and Corresponding Supervisor View
Notification-Regarding Sambhav Rathi End Semester Make up Examination of Engineering Thermodynamics View
Faculty Members_Summer Vacation for the Year 2023_Revised_09-05-2023 View
PG Admission Committee-2023 View
Notification-Partial Modification in Academic Calender of 1st Year B Tech Admitted in 2022 View
Notification-Admission Committee 2023-24_Re-Constituted on 24-04-2023 View
Institute Core Course Monitoring Committee of Common UG Courses View
Extension of End Semester Examination Date of 2020 and 2021 B Tech Batch AY 2022-23 View
Notification-Maintain of Course File View
Notification-Minimum and Maximum Residence and Academic Requirements View
Notification-Setting of Question Papers for Mid and End Semester Examination View
Notification-No Extra Classes Conducted after 21-04-2023 of 6th and 4th Semester Students-2020 & 2021 Batch View
Notification-Final Year M Tech students of EIB Thesis Submission and Evaluation View
Notification-Disciplinary Ground_Monitor in the Campus View
Notification-Long Term Internship of 3rd Year Students-LTI View
Notification-Long Term and Short Term Internship View
Notification-Leave Approval and Attendance View
Notification- Branch Change (2022 Batch) View
Notification 11-03-2023 Code of conduct for the students of the Institute View
Notification for 3rd Students (2020 Batch PE and CEBE) View
Notification-Non Reception of the Grades-I Grade
Academic Automation Committee View
Notification-Extended of Mid Semester Examination till Tuesday View
Notification-Re-constituted of Undergraduate Admission Committee-02-02-2023 View
Re-Constitution of DUGC of PEGE View
Notification-Undergraduate Admission Committee-23-01-2023 View
Notification-Temporary Change in Time Table due to severe cold wave condition View
Notification-Shifting of Time of B Tech-IDD 1st Semester View
Notification-Committee Constituted at Institute Level to Review the Skeleton of Courses View
Minorly Revised in Mid Semester Examination_4th Year Student View
International Academic Exchange Programme in NArFU (Russia)-Notification View
Attendance and Leave Rule Notification View
Notification-Run Normal Schedule Class on Institute Day-01st November 2022 View
Academic Performance Evaluation Committee View
Re-Constituted of UG Admission Committee-2022 View
DPGC and DUGC of CSE Department View
Notification-Modification under Clause 2.4.B.1.5 of PG Ordinance-FTERC View
Purchase Committee of Academic Affairs Section-2022-23 View
Notification-Research Fellowship by PSUs View
Appointment of PA in Projects View
Notification-Relaxation in the Deposition of Semester Fee till 31st August 2022 View
Notification-Collateral fee Education loan Union Bank of India View
Notification- Reg. Submission Of Dues Fee A.Y. 2022-23 View
Partial Modification of Clause 6.1 of PG Ordinance for Waiver of Earning Caredits View
Deposition of Mess Dues upto 06th July 2022 View
MBA in Energy Transition Programme-Relaxation in Tuition Fee for bulk registration View
Notification-Provision of Course Waiver to the PhD Students under External Registration Category
Notification-Summer Internship Grades Submission View
Notification-Incharge & Co-Incharge of UG Laboratories View
Notification-Undergraduate Laboratories capacity to cater to 50 Students View
Registration for Course in Summer Term_Final Year Students View
Thesis Submission of M Tech Students, 2020-21, AY View
RIPE Selection Criteria-2022 View
Mode of Lecture-3rd Year B Tech (2019 Batch) View
Mode of Lecture-1st & 2nd Year MBA (2020 & 2021 Batch) View
Mode of Leture-2nd Year B Tech (2020 Batch) View
B Tech 2019 Batch Students for Registration Even Semester, 2021-22 View
MBA, M Tech & PhD Students for Registration Even Semester, 2021-22 View
Discipline Change CSE to CE View
Documents Verification of B.Tech. 2nd Year & M.Tech./PhD 1st Year View
Number of Student Tutors Sanctioned for Tutorials in Various UG Course View
Questions for Teachers View
Assignment of Duty for Assistant Dean (Academic Affairs) View
Institute Core Course Monitoring Committee View
Tutorial, Laboratory & Human Value Classes View
Time Table of B.Tech. 1st Year Divided into Sections View
No Mid Semester Examination on 29-11-2021 View
Mid & End Semester Question Papers View
Successive Absences of Two Lectures by any Students View
3rd & 4th Year Class in Regular Mode from 17th Nov 21 View
Rehearsal and Assembly on 5th Convocation View
Digital Learning Cell-(DLC) View
Discipline Change-Lateral Entry View
Guideline for Registration in Online Platform Courses MOOC-SWAYAM-NPTEL View
Mode of Lecture due to COVID pandemic View
Return to Campus-PhD Students View
Discipline Change-2020 Batch View
Re-opening of Institute w.e.f. 18.10.2021 for MBA 2nd Year, Semester III students View
Re-opening of Institute w.e.f. 18.10.2021 for B.Tech. 3rd & 4th Year Students View
IQAC-Visit the Domain Industries Periodically View
Purchase Committee-Academic Office F.Y. 2021-22 View
Student Alumni Interaction Cell View
Course Coordination Committee-2022 View
Guideline for Online End Semester Examination-2nd Year (4th Semester) View
Constitution of DPGC-Mathematical Sciences View
Constitution of DPGC-Sciences and Humanities View
Constitution of DUGC, DPGC and Examination In-charge Committee-CE&BE View
Constitution of DPGC Committee - EIB View
Institute Courses Offered in Odd Semester, 2021-22 View
Guideline for Online End Semester Examination-1st Year B Tech (Odd and Even) View
Notification regarding Maintain a Course File View
DUGC-AEI Academic Year 2021-22 View
Notification of Committee to Review Draft Policy for offering of Diploma-Certificate and Degree Programme View
Notification of Samyak Nitnaware (20CS3055)-ESE View
Notification Offering admission via lateral entry in AEI, Sivasagar withdrawn View
Deadline of M Tech Final Year Thesis with Examiner Report View
Guideline of Online Examination-2nd Year (3rd Sem) 2019 Batch View
Additional Counselors for SII Virtual Education Fair View
Academic Block-1 and 2 Lifts Issues View
Universal Human Value Inaugural Lecture - Professor Rajeev Sangal View
Guideline for Online Examination-MBA 2nd Year Student View
Presentation Skill credit during RPEC Evaluation of PhD Student View
End Semester Examination-MBA 2nd Year View
Mentor Mentee Network-Jais View
Notification of Guideline for online examination for Fourth Year B Tech View
End Semester Examination - Seventh Semester of Fourth Year B Tech View
End Semester Examination - Eighth Semester of Fourth Year B Tech View
Special End Semester Examination VII and VIII fo Fourth Year B Tech View
Internship Guideline for Extended or Short Term Project for Third Year B Tech View
Internship Option for Third Year B Tech View
Notification of Provision of Make up Examination View
Notification Regarding End Semester Examination of VII and VIII Semester View
Notification for Third Year B Tech Laboratory Classes conduct via Online View
Summer Term Course Offered PC-II View
Merit-cum-Means Scholarship Guidelines View
Examination Guidelines View
Makeup Examination of End Semester Examination of Odd Semester View
Notification of Academic Calendar Third Year B Tech Students View
Additional Courses of Laternal Entry Scheme View
Constitution of Academic Purchase Committee for One Year from the date of Notification View
Attendance & Leave Rules for UG & PG students View
Attendance Rules described in clause 6.2 of UG & PG Ordinances of the Institution View
Constitution of B Tech Admission Committee for A.Y. 2020-21 & 2021-22 View
Examination and Evaluation of Answer Books View
Extend the last date of filing of application form for PG Admission to 14th July 2020 View
Grade Submission Format of various UG & PG Courses View
Guideline for Monthly Fellowship Disbursement PhD & M Tech Students View
Guideline related to the Evaluation & Monitoring of PhD & M Tech Students View
Guidelines for Semester Registration View
Guidelines of Conducting of Lectures of UG & PG Programmes View
Constitution of M Tech & PhD Admission Committee for A.Y. 2020-21 & 2021-22 View
Guideline for Lateral Entry of Diploma holders from AEI Sivasagar in B Tech programmes at RGIPT, Jais View
Schedule will be followed to conduct the online end-semester examination of Even Semester, 2019-20 academic year View
Guideline for Online End Semester examination View
Guideline followed by the Outgoing Students for Clearance Purposes View
Constitution of Institute Core Course Monitoring Committee View
Terminology of ‘Odd’ and ‘Even’ Semester View
Responsibility to Handle Tutorials of several subjects by academically proficient senior UG students View
Students’ arrival at Campus by 10th July 2020 to purse their online studies View
Committee to Assess the Preparedness of RGIPT & ensure COVID safety guidelines View
Guideline for Lateral Entry of Diploma students of AEI, Sivasagar into the B Tech programme in ChE & PE at RGIPT, Jais View
Maximum Limit of PhD Scholars to Faculty Member View
Partial Modification of the Notice of Semester Fee Structure of Part Time External PhD Students View
PhD students desire to work from home View
Weightage fixed for the Sessional & End Term Examinations, Odd Semester 2020-21 academic year View
Collection of Student Online Feedback Form View
Deposition of Semester Fees & Registration & Initiation of Academic Activities, B Tech & Diploma Students View
Deposition of Semester Fees & Registration & Initiation of Academic Activities, M Tech & PhD Students View
Constitution of Education Policy Committee till One Year from the date of Notification View
Guideline for Examination In-charge & Course Convener for conducting of end semester examination View
Constitution of Honorary Degree Committee till One Year from the date of Notification View
PG Ordinance applicable to PhD Students admitted during Odd Semester, 2019-20 academic year onwards View
PhD & M Tech Final Year Students utilize the R&D facilities of the Institution for their research work from 18th May 2020 onwards. View
Protocol to Conduct the Mid Semester & End Semester Examinations followed from 2019-20 academic year, Odd Semester onwards View
Guidelines of Registration for Courses in Summer Term in 2020 View
Requirement for submission of PhD Thesis by the PhD Students View
Constitution of Senate Scholarship Committee till One Year from the date of Notification View
Information is circulated to AEI, Sivasagar and EI, Bengaluru to return all original tabulation register and grade sheets etc. View
Provision of clear of backlog courses during Summer Break View
Registration of students possessing a CPI of less than 4.00 View
Honorarium for Tutorship View
Handle the use of unfair means during various examination of UG & PG students View
Constitution of Course Coordination Committee (CCC) & Distribution of Weightage for each component View
Withdrawn of Notification Regarding Semester Fee dated 16.08.2020 View
Lecture Slides and Recording of Online Lectures View
Notification for Submission of Grades View
Notification of End Semester Exam of Odd Sem-2020-21 & Registration of Even Sem-2020-21 View
Summer Internship-2021 of B Tech 3rd Year (Credit 5) View