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Alumni Speak

The B Tech Petroleum engineering course at RGIPT, is a flagship course in-tended to effectively capture the nuances of the global oil and gas industry. “The course not only helped in developing key insights in the energy sector but also provided a platform for comprehensive development of technical, management and leadership skills which have proved instrumental in the current challenging scenarios being faced by the oil and gas industry”.

Ms Sreelekha Reddy
Area Business Manager, Samsung India Electronics

“RGIPT offers you the resilience to bounce back to real world challenges and emerge as a competent and confident individual. It offered me a funnel view of the world which was narrow to start with but the possibilities are immense if you look at the end picture”.

Mr Paritosh Singh
Regional BI & Digitalisation Lead Regional BI & Digitalisation Lead, Linfox

“When I look back upon my journey at RGIPT, I am reminded of the gravitational pull of the question: 'How will RGIPT shape my future'? years down the line in Royal Dutch Shell, 6 having worked with both the Upstream and Downstream businesses, I can vehemently attest to the fact that RGIPT played a foundational role in empowering me to compete diligently, with apt analytical skills and integrity in the oil and gas industry.

Given the precarious nature of the oil and gas industry, this institute has a niche capability of providing students with an intense academic curriculum that hones the upcoming graduates to face the unbridled challenges in a holistic manner. Equally important is the focus given on involvement of students in multiple discipline related ‘student chapters’ that further helps them inculcate scholastic and leadership skills. In addition, this keeps the students apprised of the cut-throat competition and edging technology emerging around the world. Last but not the least, the overarching success of the program is much attributed to the finesse of the superlative faculty to whom the institute is indebted for their thorough support and guidance”.

Ms Vasundhara Kumar
MLEG Integration Advisor, Shell Technology Centre, UK

“RGIPT was a turning point in my life. The 4 years of RGIPT were one of the best years of my life and probably the most important ones too. I attribute all my success to these four years spent here It has taught me confidence, the importance of hard work and made me truly enter the corporate world. And the reason is the way RGIPT has nurtured me. The teachers were proficient. They encouraged research work and imparted practical, in-depth knowledge, all of which still helps me in my projects at ONGC.

They are a call away even today. There is a very healthy and conducive environment in the college that will bring the best out of you. And the many cultural fests and academic clubs help polish oneself and shine. The college gave me a chance to coordinate the cultural activities which was a life changing experience. It transformed my personality and taught me a lot about teamwork and being a good team player and most importantly meeting deadlines, etc. All of these virtues that RGIPT imbibed in me have made me excel at professional life. Eventually, I got a campus placement at ONGC Ltd. And I thank the college for how it has shaped my life. I wish all the students, teachers, and staff all the best and hope they keep doing this great work that they did for me”.

Mr Shubham Gupta
Executive Engineer, ONGC

Someone rightly said, “Good teachers are the reason why ordinary students dream to do extraordinary things” and RGIPT gave me many such teachers! I feel really fortunate to have spent 4 years of my student life at RGIPT “. It gave me a solid platform to learn, practice, and implement the skills needed in industry, in real time.

The course curriculum at RGIPT focuses on bringing the best out of the student by inculcating a habit of self-discovery of important concepts through various design projects that students receive throughout the courses. Moreover, being there with some of the best minds of the country really helped me build myself not only as an academically strong student but as a better person holistically. Working with various student chapters helped to bring out the leader in me, a skill which can only be developed if right opportunities are given at the right time and kudos to RGIPT for doing exactly that”.

Mr Amey Kashyap
Cocoa Trader, Export Trading Group, United Arab Emirates

I feel so fortunate to have been in the able hands of RGIPT which not only gave core competence but also instilled the most essential and significant personality traits like self-belief and confidence, to “which I attribute my sweet moments in career. Armoured with sound technical knowledge, urge to never stop learning and the right attitude towards challenges, I dreamt of being a part of civil services and the nurturing at RGIPT helped me immeasurably.

I particularly recall my UPSC interview experience which was all about petroleum sector, and I can say without doubt that the education at RGIPT was the only factor that allowed me to satisfy the interviewers not just in technical aspects but also allowed me to exhibit the right emotional and personal skills required to be a part of a huge organization where I can be trusted with very sensitive tasks. In RGIPT, education is not restricted to classrooms and technical curriculum, it shapes a student's personality holistically in manner that by the time one graduates, one is a package of brilliance who doesn't see problems, but rather sees opportunities in them and makes the most out of every challenge posed”.

Mr Ashok Charan
Commissioner of Income Tax, Mumbai

“My journey of four years at RGIPT has helped me to knot the threads between theoretical fundamentals and the real time Petroleum industry environment. B.Tech Petroleum engineering at RGIPT helped me to acquire skillsets which induced enthusiasm and confidence in me to grab the opportunities and take the challenges of the corporate world. I am grateful to the faculty members to have provided such a wonderful environment of learning and enrichment”.

Mr Sree Rama Teja
Assistant Manager, Essar Oil

“College plays a very important role in making the career of a person, for me this was -RGIPT. Life in RGIPT was nothing less than a roller coaster ride, full of ups and downs one can imagine. But throughout the journey I have learned a lot. It has provided me with some great opportunities which helped me improve myself in every aspect as a student, as a senior, as a friend, as a sportsperson, as a leader and most importantly as a professional.

The College aims at the overall development of the student so that he/she can excel in different fields. In all I had a great learning experience and have learnt some very important lessons in life which will help me to grow in future as well”.

Mr Kartikey Yadav
Senior officer, OIL India

“I joined RGIPT in the Petroleum engineering program in 2017. By the end of my first year itself, I got the opportunity to be a part of the World Petroleum Council through the opportunity presented by RGIPT. Since then, up until my final year, RGIPT has given me several opportunities to have an international opportunity. Besides this, I also had the opportunity to work at the research labs and institute projects.

My education at RGIPT was holistic and involved academic lessons, organisational skills, leadership and social work. The support of my professorship and the Inspiring learning environment created by my college mates was conducive to my growth. The support of the administrative staff has always allowed me to give my best at any opportunity”.

Mr Mrigya Fogat
Data scientist, HALLIBURTON

“I always believe in savouring every moment, be it at RGIPT or further in my career. This approach towards life helped me seize a variety of opportunities at RGIPT, be it in academics, co-curricular activities or managerial roles. All these turned out to be vital in my all-around development which is very essential in the current era. Also, RGIPT helps you diversely explore yourself, develop self-confidence and open a world of new possibilities.

Though a challenging period, my experience at RGIPT challenged me to face new possibilities every day. The remote location atmosphere requires the students to constantly aim for the impossible and create new opportunities themselves. All this experience matures your conscience and gives you the courage to face the world that lies ahead”.

Mr Rohan Jindal
Graduate Trainee Engineer, WIPRO

As a former student of this prestigious college, it gives me immense pleasure to talk about the current ecosystem of RGIPT. The course design was always in sync with the industry requirement, through its various specialized courses and research works. But the thing that fascinated me more after my re-visit to RGIPT was the culture that it cultivated over the years, students are eager more than ever to learn about new technologies and explore and most importantly they are corporate ready.

All the various Student Chapters and Clubs have created a sense of competition which thrives on excellence. I was glad to know that these students are active member of Arpan, the Social Club of RGIPT, with all their scientific temper and corporate mines, they have garnered the most important virtue of human life which is to give back to the society in all possible ways and this blend makes them complete I was also fascinated by the amount of enthusiasm they had for sports as it is an integral part of human life and RGIPT is marching ahead with full flow. RGIPT over the years has improved and is improving even now, and I am very thrilled to meet these students as peers in my company and various others, in the coming future.

Mr Sanjay Tiwari
Senior Engineer, Adani Gas Limited

The Petroleum Engineering Course at RGIPT is a flashing course which provides in depth conceptual and technical understanding about the upstream industry. “ Working in AI company who provides solutions to process industries mainly the energy sector, the academic curriculum and courses offered here played the foundational role for me to approach to the dynamics of the industry with apt knowledge.

Apart from academics, there are various student chapters and clubs that have helped me hone my leadership and management skills. These chapters provide various global opportunities and exposure to the leading technologies. I am grateful to the faculty and my seniors for their support and guidance throughout my journey”.

Mr Shalu Aggarwal
Product Analyst, Algo8