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Cloud Computing has revolutionized the area that required ample computational power among the all  distributed computing technology of this era. It enables the on-demand services of dynamic resources over  the network on a pay-per-use basis to their clients. Academic, research, big or small organizations,  businesses, and individual users rely on the cloud services rather than buying and managing the local server  for the rapidly growing computing demand. Therefore, many users are moving towards the cloud computing  model to fulfill their computing requirements

The research in the domains of task scheduling, resource allocation, security, and optimization of the  resources in the cloud computing model is growing at an unprecedented rate due to the emerging challenges,  scope, and use of services offered by the cloud. There are a few challenges like resource provisioning,  imbalanced workload, execution cost, energy consumption, SLA violation, elasticity, availability, etc. due  to improper management of cloud resources. Scheduling challenges occur due to dispersion, uncertainty, and heterogeneity of resources that are difficult to manage with traditional resource mechanisms

My Research Sub Areas
    • Task and workflow scheduling in cloud computing
    • Optimization of the cloud resources
    • Services allocation in fog computing
    • Internet of Things (IoT)
    • Virtualization
    • Soft Computing
Faculty Name

Dr. Kalka Dubey

Recent publications

Kalka Dubey, S. C. Sharma, Mohit Kumar, Prashant Kumar, and Aida A. Nasr. "A secured GA-WPC  framework for scheduling the independent tasks in cloud environment." Journal of Ambient Intelligence  and Humanized Computing (2022): 1-13.

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