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Official Website of Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Petroleum Technology, Jais, Amethi, India. / Training and Placement / Committee

Assam Energy Institute, Sivasagar

Training and Placement Committee - AEI

In-Charge and Members

Dr. Bhaskar Jyoti Medhi Dr Bhaskar Jyoti Medhi In-Charge Mobile: +91 8011977078   Phone: +91 3772 295221 Email:,
Mr. Chinmoy Jit Sarma Mr Chinmoy Jit SarmaMember Mobile: +91 8638292565   Phone: +91 3772 295221 Email:
Dr. Chinmayee Hazarika Dr Chinmayee HazarikaMember Mobile: +91 9435860284   Phone: +91 3772 295221 Email:
Ms. Ananya Borah Ms Ananya BorahMember Mobile: +91 8011944667   Phone: +91 3772 295221 Email:
Dr. Sanat Kumar Singha Dr Sanat Kumar SinghaMember Mobile: +91 9903582715   Phone: +91 3772 295221 Email:
Mr. Sekhar Gogoi Mr Sekhar GogoiMember Secretary Mobile: +91 8761010275   Phone: +91 3772 295221 Email:

Student Coordinators

Bithika Gogoi Bithika Gogoi Chemical Engineering
Abbrar Masud Hussain Abbrar Masud Hussain Chemical Engineering
Tanushri Gogoi Tanushri Gogoi Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering
Chandan Gogoi Chandan Gogoi Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering
Moulata Borah Moulata Borah Fire and Safety Engineering
Anshuman Phukan Anshuman Phukan Fire and Safety Engineering
Syeda Jema Yashin Syeda Jema Yashin Mechanical Engineering
Mrigendra Das Mrigendra Das Mechanical Engineering
Akangksha Hazarika Akangksha Hazarika Petroleum Engineering
Subhradeep Subhradeep Petroleum Engineering