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House Allotment CommitteeSize:24.3 KB | Language:English 17-07-2019 View
Committee for Center of Computing and Information Services Size: | Language: 17-07-2019 View
Senate Library Committee Size:25 KB | Language:English 17-07-2019 View
Transport Committee Size:31.1 KB | Language:English 17-07-2019 View
Institute Lecture Series Committee Size:27.4 KB | Language:English 17-07-2019 View
Council of Wardens Size:27.4 KB | Language:English 16-07-2019 View
Staff Audit Committee Size:26.6 KB | Language:English 16-07-2019 View
Space Committee Size:33.7 KB | Language:English 15-07-2019 View
Internal Security Committee Size:32.3 KB | Language:English 15-07-2019 View
Institute Advisory Committee (IAC) Size:28.4 KB | Language:English 15-07-2019 View
Institute Works Committee (IWC) Size:31.3 KB | Language:English 15-07-2019 View
Grievance Redressal CommitteeSize:375 KB | Language:English 16-01-2018 View
Tender Evaluation Committee Size: | Language: View
Tender Opening Committee Size: | Language: View
Vendor Registration Committee Size: | Language: View
Women Cell Size:412 KB | Language:English 14-03-2019 View