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Assam Energy Institute, Sivasagar

Computing and Information Services

Assam Energy Institute, Sivasagar currently runs a well-equipped computer laboratory having 32 Desktop PCs. The computer facility aims to acquaint the students with the basic knowledge of computer education. The lab is run by Computing and Information Services Committee. The committee looks after installing and maintaining PCs, software, and internet connectivity. The computer laboratory is accessible to all students, faculties, and staff of the institute.

Computing and Information Services Committee

Dr Sanat Kumar Singha Dr Sanat Kumar SinghaChairman Mobile: +91 9903582715 Email:
Dr Shikha Dwivedi Dr Shikha DwivediMember Mobile: +91 8789049839 Email:
Satyajit Chowdhury Satyajit ChowdhuryMember Secretary Mobile: +91 8954791806 Email:

Computing and Information Services

For common use of institute computer laboratory at Assam Energy Institute, Sivasagar, Centre of RGIPT, Jais, Amethi; following rules will apply to all individuals taking the services of the computer laboratory.

  • All users are required to register their names, in time and out time on the log register whenever they enter the lab.
  • Maintenance of silence is to be strictly observed.
  • Users must remove shoes before entering the computer lab.
  • Users need to switch off/silent their smartphones and keep them in their bags or locker provided before entering the class.
  • Only books/notebooks and pen/pencil can be brought inside the laboratory.
  • Users must use the computer provided by the instructor every time they use the lab. No swapping of the lab in between a session is allowed.
  • During class or exams, any kind of storage device such as pen drives, HDDs, SSDs, SD cards, micro SD card etc. are not allowed.
  • For any kind of sharing of files, a user can use the service of cloud storage such from their google/Microsoft/iCloud/Dropbox/Box accounts or use email through their designated computer.
  • A user (only a student) must show his/her ID card if a staff member requests so.
  • A user should not try to regulate the AC temperature. If need arises, he/she must inform the assistant first.
  • A user shall not remove accessories and peripherals from the computers.
  • Users must be aware that their actions will not infect the systems with virus, malware etc.
  • There is no time limit for usage of computer. But a user cannot sit idle and keep occupying a computer setup and make others wait for their turn. If a computer is left unattended for an extended period it will be reassigned to someone in waiting.
  • A user should not assume anything. If any confusion/doubt arises regarding usage of a computer setup, he/she must inform the assistant. A user should not try to repair or install any software by himself/herself.
  • The usage of computers should be for academic purpose only. Usage of social media, video streaming etc. may be restricted for this purpose only on the discretion of the instructor (e.g. the instructor may allow viewing video lectures but watching movies in YouTube will not be allowed). Usage for commercial purpose and illicit internet usage such as pornography is strictly banned.
  • For cleanliness, in case any kind of edible items are brought to the lab that should be dry and littering with food waste or packaging materials will not be allowed.
  • No use of tobacco, cigarette, gutkha, khaini, pan masala, pan, alcohol etc. are allowed.
  • The use of laboratory outside class hours by a student may be permitted on the discretion of the lab in-charge/assistant, for academic purpose only.
  • Any user tries to or argue/threaten/fight/harm another user or lab staff or any staff member, whether verbally or physically, will be reported to appropriate grievance committee for students/staff members.
  • Any kind of vandalization, destruction, removal, or threat to any asset of the lab by user will not be tolerated. The perpetrator will immediately be removed from the premises.
  • No use of slangs, profanity, racial slurs, abusive language, untoward and inappropriate approach form one user to another user or any lab staff or any staff member is allowed.
  • Students shall behave with proper manner toward fellow students, faculty, staff of the institute.
  • Disregard of any of these rules will lead to verbal warning upon first offense and will be recorded in remarks section of log register. Upon second offense, a written warning letter will be issue to the perpetrator from competent authority. A third offense will lead to termination of the privileges of the lab usage pending investigation by appropriate committee.

Contact Information

Mr Bikram ChangkakotiJunior Assistant Mobile: +91 9365551283 Email: