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  • How do I get to Jais Amethi? Well, the nearest airhead to the Institute is Lucknow, around 100 km away from Jais, Amethi. The best way if you are coming from a long distance away is to get here from either Lucknow or Allahabad. You can come either by road or by rail. There are regular buses from Lucknow or Allahabad to Raebareli, and from Raebalieli there are Institute buses as well as public transport is available to the Institute.
  • What about once I reach? Will there be accommodation for my parents and me? The hostel room is made available to the students on their arrival. However, accompanying parents have to make their own stay arrangements and the parents are not allowed to stay with their wards in the hostel.
  • How is hostel allocation done? All first BTech students are given rooms in the hostel. There are separate hostels for boys and girls, and the list for allocation of the rooms in the hostel will be done as per the list provided by the Wardens office.
  • What will be there in my hostel room? What should I bring? You will have a cupboard, a table, a bed and electrical fittings like a fan, already provided to you. You need to bring bedding yourself (you can buy it in Jais/ Raebareli of course). As for the rest, what you bring is up to you.
  • How about registration? What items need to be brought and what are the procedures. As far as registration is concerned, you need to bring whatever is specified in your offer letter. All those forms need to be filled up. Once you come here, there will be a day of "Orientation" when you will be introduced to the department. The next day, you will have registration. This will involve opening an account at a bank, and your subject and hostel registration. Once this is done, you will be issued an Identity card (keep it carefully, it is your identification on campus for at least 4 years!). Congratulations! You are now a student at RGIPT!
  • What about the banks/post office? Give me some details. We have Bank of Baroda branch and Post Office in the campus. You may open an account with one or the other. Bank of Baroda also provide ATM facility in the campus.
  • What is the campus like in general? The campus is a lush green one and is well maintained throughout the year. We have excellent sports facilities catering to every sport you can think of. Overall personality development is given a lot of importance here. Student groups are extremely active here.
  • What about the recreational and sports facilities? As I mentioned earlier, we have got excellent sports facilities. We have many Students’ Clubs dedicated to recreation. Several student magazines and clubs are there.
  • How about the Internet facilities? All the hostels are Wi-Fi connected. Apart from that, you have the Computer Centre. Wireless LANs through Wi-Fi are available round the campus.
  • Do I need to bring some winter clothes now? Probably you should bring them in the mid-semester break. It starts getting cold around November and the mid-sem break is in October. It is a weeklong break, so you will probably have enough time to go home.

Finally, if you still have unanswered questions, look around this website, which offers a wealth of information about the campus, including the academic structure of your courses, the way your life will be, and all the things you will have access to here. Once more, welcome to the RGIPT!