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Assam Energy Institute, Sivasagar

AEI Hostel

Assam Energy Institute, Sivasagar provides separate accommodation facilities for Boys and Girls. Hostels are in Sivasagar Town (near the Institute). The hostels are run by Hostels & Security Committee. For the year of 2021-2022, there is a girls’ hostel having a capacity of 50 students and four boys’ hostels having a capacity of 285 students.

The institute is planning to incorporate two additional boys’ hostels having a capacity of 150 students. Hostels have well equipped rooms with bathrooms. Students are provided furniture comprising of bed, mattress, chair, table, almirah along with kitchen and dining facilities. Every hostel is provided with two security guards each for safeguarding the students and hostel infrastructure and premises.

Council of Wardens

Dr Satish Kumar Tiwari Dr Satish Kumar TiwariChief WardenMobile: +91 8294060158 Email:
Dr Arun Kumar Dr Arun KumarWarden Boys Hostel Mobile: +91 9779367250 Email:
Dr Abhimanyu Kar Dr Abhimanyu KarWarden Boys Hostel Mobile: +91 9735988715 Email:
Dr Shikha Dwivedi Dr Shikha DwivediWarden Girls Hostel Mobile: +91 8789049839 Email:
Dr Satyajit Chowdhury Mr Satyajit ChowdhuryWarden Boys Hostel Mobile: +91 8954791806 Email:
Souvik De Dr Souvik DeWarden Boys Hostel Mobile: +91 9903097757 Email:
Dr Nimisha Raghuvanshi Dr Nimisha RaghuvanshiWarden Girls Hostel Mobile: +91 8822760932 Email:
Srawanti Medhi Dr Srawanti MedhiWarden Girls Hostel Mobile: +91 9864798218 Email:
Anil Kumar Varma Dr Anil Kumar VarmaWarden Boys Hostel Mobile: +91 9760197382 Email:
Dr Sabyasachi Pramanik Dr Sabyasachi PramanikWarden Boys Hostel Mobile: +91 7896677286 Email:

Institute and Hostels Security Committee

Mr Chinmoy Jit Sarma Mr Chinmoy Jit SarmaChairman Mobile: +91 8638292565 Email:
Dr Anil Kumar Varma Dr Anil Kumar VarmaSecretary Mobile: +91 9760197382 Email:
Dr Sanat Kumar Singha Dr Sanat Kumar SinghaMember Mobile: +91 9903582715 Email:
Souvik De Dr Souvik DeMember Secretary Mobile: +91 9903097757 Email: