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Assam Energy Institute, Sivasagar


The institute has a library to cater for the literature need of the students and faculties and staff. At present there are books related to engineering branches of Chemical, Petroleum and Mechanical as well as basic science subjects of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. Also, the library has some booklets for personality development. We are in the process of adding many more books this year for the above branches as well as new branches of Fire & Safety and Electrical & Instrumentation. Along with books the library aims to add collections of different resources such as scientific journals, magazines, newspapers, software as well as fiction and non-fiction novels from different genre.

Library Committee

Dr Shikha Dwivedi Dr Shikha DwivediChairperson Mobile: +91 8789049839 Email:
Dr Karthik Babu NB Dr Karthik Babu NBMember Mobile: +91 9677323297 Email:
Dr. Sanat Kumar Singha Dr Sanat Kumar SinghaMember Mobile: +91 9903582715 Email:
Dr M Chakkarapani Dr M ChakkarapaniMember Secretary Mobile: +91 9842645383 Email:

Library Rules & Regulations

The Library facilities at Assam Energy Institute, Sivasagar, Centre of Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Petroleum Technology, Jais, Amethi has been structured to cater the students, faculties and staff of the institute. To keep the library premises cordial and systematic, everyone involved must make best use of the facilities all the while maintaining the Rules and regulations of the AEI Sivasagar Library.

The following must be adhered by all the personal involved for ensuring smooth operation of the library.

  • The library and all of its facilities including books and infrastructure must be kept clean and disciplined.
  • Silence must be maintained all the time inside the library premises.
  • Each person must behave courteously and considerably to the library advisory committee and staff and fellow users. Anyone behaving improperly will be asked to leave the library premises.
  • Users must sign the in and out times while entering and leaving the library premises all the time.
  • Mobile phones are to kept switched off/silent mode within the library premises.
  • Users is solely responsible for his/her personal belongings in the library premises.
  • A user can use his/her laptop in the library provided there is no disturbance or complain by other users.
  • The following are for the issuance and return policies of the library books:
    1. Books will be issued to users only on production of Library Card
    2. Students will be allowed to borrow a book for a maximum of 7 days.
    3. Students will be issued at the maximum of one book at one time.
    4. Faculties will be allowed to borrow a book for a maximum of 15 days.
    5. Faculties will be issued at the maximum of two books at one time.
    6. The books should be checked for missing pages or damage before issuance. The users will be held responsible for any kind of damage later found and the penalty would be at the discretion of the librarian.
    7. Users must not bend and mark anything on the cover and pages of the books. The books are to be kept at pristine conditions all the time.
    8. Library resources like reference books, periodicals, annual reports, Bound Volumes, CDs are to be utilised within the library premises only.
    9. Failing to return the books within the stipulated time period will be subject to fine.
      1. For a delay of two days after the return date will, users will be charge INR 5/- per day.
      2. For a delay of three or more days after the return date, users will be charged INR 20/- per day.
      3. Failure to return the book for 15 days after return date, the user will not be issued new books.
      4. Once he/she returns the books along with the fine, then only a new book will be used.
    10. If a book gets lost by a user, he/she has to purchase that book and return it to the librarian.
  • Users violating the above rules and regulations will be subjected to the termination of his/her library membership.

Contact Information

Mr Santanu DuttaJunior Assistant Mobile: +91 7896597974 Email: