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Ministerial Staff

Jitendra Prasad Jitendra Prasad RegistrarEducation : M A (2000)
Sameer Ranjan Sameer Ranjan Singh Deputy RegistrarEducation : MBA and Master in Journalism
Arun Kumar Singh Arun Kumar Singh Assistant Registrar (Sr. Scale)Education : M B A (2006)
Krishna Kant Krishna Kant Assistant Registrar (Accounts)Education : M B A (2009)
Rakesh Singh Rakesh Singh Assistant Registrar, A&A (Sr. Scale)Education : M B A (2000)
Sudhir Arora Sudhir Arora Assistant RegistrarEducation : M Com (1994)

Arvind Kumar Yadav Arvind Kumar Yadav Superintendent (Grade-I)Education : M Com (2019)
Ashish Kumar Srivastava Ashish Kumar Srivastava Superintendent (Grade-I)Education : MBA (2012)
Madhu Priya Madhu Priya Superintendent (Grade-I)Education : M A in Sociology (2008)Additional Qualification : M A (Hindi) (2015), PGDT (2017)
Rajesh Kumar Vishwakarma Rajesh Kumar Vishwakarma Assistant Security Officer (Grade-I)Education : M A (2005)
Tej Prakash Joshi Tej Prakash Joshi Superintendent (Grade-I)Education : M Com (2013)
Umesh Kumar Sharma Umesh Kumar Sharma Superintendent (Grade-I)Education : B Sc (2001)

Amit Kumar Bajpai Amit Kumar Bajpai Assistant (Grade-III)Education : M A (Sociology) (2008), Diploma (MOM & SP)
Amit Kumar Srivastav Amit Kumar Srivastav Assistant (Grade-I)Education : M Com (2002)
Ekta Choudhary Ekta Choudhary Assistant (Grade-I)Education : M Sc (FMRM) (2014)
Govind Kumar Tiwari Govind Kumar Tiwari Library & Information Assistant (Grade-I)Education : B C A (2013)
Krishna Kumar Sonkar Krishna Kumar Sonkar Library & Information Assistant (Grade-I)Education : Master of Library & Information Science (2011)
Neha Pandey Neha Pandey Assistant (Grade-I)Education : M Phil (2016)
Pradeep Kumar Verma Pradeep Kumar Verma Library & Information Assistant (Grade-I)Education : Master of Library & Information Science (2011)
Preeti Singh Preeti Singh Assistant (Grade-III)Education : M A (2010)Additional Qualification : M B A in HRM (2017)
Rahul Singh Rahul Singh Assistant (Grade-I)Education : B.P.Ed (2019), M.P.Ed (2021)
Ravi Dwivedi Ravi Dwivedi Assistant (Grade-I)Education : B A (2014)
Umesh Sharma Umesh Sharma Assistant (Grade-III)Education : -
Vivek Singh Vivek Singh Assistant (Grade-III)Education : Bachelor in Tourism Studies (2010)
Yogesh Sharma Yogesh Sharma Assistant (Grade-III)Education : M Com (2005)