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Management Development Programme (MDP)

MDP has been designed to prepare managers to progress and achieve next level leadership positions. The programme examine fundamental management topics with  focus on practical business applications.

The MDP's allow participants to refresh and expand business acumen, develop cutting age managerial skill, and sharpen leadership skills without missing a step on the job. The MDP is designed for professionals with reasonable work experience to become  more effective leaders, strategic thinkers and problem-solver. Moreover, these programmes are well structured to bring the best out of the participants and prepare them to spearhead the respective field of their business. It provides a progressive, enterprising, collaborative, and multi-disciplinary learning environment  where a participant can access desirable advanced business education without a significant burden of work, travel and family schedules.


  • Building core functional skills
  • Developing cross-functional business capabilities
  • Strategy formulation and implementation
  • Effective decision making
  • Learning goal oriented approach
  • Developing core competencies
  • Strategic vision development and effective communication
  • Doing business in socially responsible and ethical manner
  • Developing an innovation culture
  • Leadership position
  • Bringing turn around
  • Optimal resource allocation
  • Customer and stakeholder driven enterprise

The Impact: On the Organization:

  • Prepare senior executives to successfully lead the enterprise in the era of global transformation
  • Implement innovative and effective strategies to increase customer retention, customer value, shareholder value, and profitability. 
  • Improve the company's performance by strengthening business model/financial engineering and enhance its profitability by developing and implementing new tools, strategies, and frameworks.
  • Develop next generation leadership and prepare well planned succession plan to infuse young generation leaders at various levels of organization, more specifically at the top.
  • Smooth organizational transitions with negligible cost due to seem less succession planning and implementation.
  • Developing accelerated leadership development platform and ensuring retention of high potential and performing leaders.

The Impact: On the Individual:

  • Gain in-depth knowledge in formulating and implementing successful and winning strategies in the global market.
  • Attain more insights on personal strengths and weaknesses to improve own performance. 
  • Gain desired level of self confidence to improve personality index and peer acceptance.
  • Become a better decision maker
  • Improve participants’ ability to build and garner support of management.
  • Enhance  participants’ capability to provide meaningful insights and inputs on critical business issues
  • Enhance participants’ capacity bring desirable change in the organization
  • Enhancing participants’ ability to create value and build sustainable organization culture
  • Acquire insights on transparent business process leading to better judgement and improved decision making.
  • Enhance participants’ cross-functional leadership skills
  • Gain an in-depth understanding of core business functions and sharpen fundamental skills to integrate multiple functions across the organization
  • Refine the participants’ ability to prioritize, delegate authority, manage time and resources, mitigate risk, motivate team, and get best out of each member