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Ph D Awarded

Name Supervisor Topic

Amit Ghosh

Enrollment : 2013-2019

Roll No.: PMTH13-001

Dr Chanchal Kundu

Study of Information-Theoretic Measures for Bivariate Lifetimes

Arijit Patra

Enrollment : 2016-2020

Roll No.: PMTH16-001

Dr Chanchal Kundu

On Some Stochastic Properties of Residual Life and Inactivity Time at Random Time with Applications in Reliability

Parveen Kumar Maurya

Enrollment : 2015-2022

Roll No.: PMTH15-001

Dr Manoj Kumar Rajpoot

Direct Numerical Simulations of Dispersive and Non-Dispersive Flows

Shivangi Singh
Enrollment : 2017-2021
Roll No.: PSTA17-001

Dr Chanchal Kundu

On Some Generalized Entropy Measures for Doubly Truncated Random Variable

Akanksha Bhardwaj
Enrollment : 2017-2022
Roll No.: PMTH17-001

Dr Alpesh Kumar

Numerical analysis and simulation of some time fractional partial differential equations using Radial Basis Function based local meshless method

Vivek Singh Yadav
Enrollment : 2018-2023
Roll No.: PMTH18-001

Dr Manoj Kumar Rajpoot

Numerical Simulation of PDE