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Faculty Recruitment is open in the Department of Electronics Engineering for Candidates in the following Specific Areas:

  1. Electrical Machines and Drives, Electric Vehicle
  2. Power Electronics Applications in Electric Vehicles, Microgrid, Distributed Generation, Smart Grid, Power Systems etc.
  3. IC Circuit Design, Microcontroller and Embedded Systems
  4. AI and ML Application in EV/ Electrical /Energy domain areas of RGIPT

Essential Requirements
  • The candidate must have hands-on experience in developing and implementing power electronics, electrical drive-based hardware systems for areas (1) and (2), and on Cadence/VHDL/Verilog based IC-Design, Circuit design and hardware implementation for area (3)
  • PG (Ph D/M Tech, degrees from a reputed institution (preferably from the IITs or a similar institution) in the relevant fields stated above.
  • B Tech degree must be in the Electrical/Electrical and Electronics Engineering branch with excellent academic records.

Please refer to the following link for Faculty Recruitment Notice and link to the online Application Portal: [click here]