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Student Achievements

  • Mr Vidhu Gupta (EPE18053), B Tech - Petroleum Engineering (2018-2022) received Michael T. Spradley Memorial Scholarship from Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG) for 2020-21 academic year
  • Mr Vidhu Gupta (EPE18053), B Tech - Petroleum Engineering (2018-2022) received L. Austin Weeks Grant from the American Association of Petroleum Geophysicists (AAPG) for the 2021-22 academic year
  • Mr Animesh Raghuvanshi, Mr Rahul Kumar Jha and Mr Ramendra Pandey three undergraduate students of Petroleum Engineering discipline and the RGIPT-AAPG student chapter selected as grant recipients for the 2021 American Association of Petroleum Geologists Foundation L. Austin Weeks Undergraduate Grant Program.
  • Three undergraduate students B Tech Petroleum Engineering discipline, Mr Pratham Choudhary, Mr Pranav Kumar and Mr Ayush Singh received the prestigious SEG Foundation/ Chevron Scholarship for the year 2020-21. The Society of Exploration Geophysicists awards scholarships every year to meritorious students all over the world through SEG Foundation.
  • Mr Pratham Choudhary, B Tech Petroleum Engineering (2018-2022) student has been selected for Student Leadership Symposium (SLS) grant to attend the 2021 SEG/AAPG Joint Annual Meeting.
  • Mr Amir Memon, B Tech Petroleum Engineering (2017-2021) was selected as one of the 5 Indian Young Professionals and one among 50 worldwide for the Fifth World Petroleum Council Mentoring Programme.
  • Ayush Joshi (EPE17012), B Tech - Petroleum Engineering (2017-2021) student Selected as a Graduate Research Assistant, A fully funded MS program in Petroleum Engineering at Oklahoma State University (OSU) in the year 2021 under the supervision of Dr. Prem Bikkina in the field of Enhance Oil Recovery.